Steady growth is important but we don't want to spend and borrow necessarily. Bonding especially to stay within the Governors 2% tax cap is even worse. Do you want debt that outlasts the life of the product? We don't want to raise our debt from the present 60 Mil to 300 Million Dollars. Our Budget is 60 Mil.

Total Spending is pretty much up when Steve is in office. We love our departments and certainly want to fund them, but it seems like the Police and DPW are spending like mad. It is the responsibility of the Town Board to careful supervise department spending.

Bonding In the last 10 years our bonding has increased tremendously. At first glance, you may think that rates are low and bonding is OK but when you look deeper, you will find that the rates on these loans are variable, and the fees and interest really add up. Staying in the Governors tax cap is great, except if you borrow money on non essential items.

We are broke.

Can't keep spending

Why Keep spending when you must bond for short term items like West Street resurfacing?

The money that Harrison has in the bank (Approx $16 Million) is required by law. We are otherwise bonding to make up for the governors tax cap or over-spending.

Can't keep Borrowing

Bonding interest cost 2.5 Million dollars last year - that could have been spent on a lot of services.