The Town Board should protect our rights as well as our pocketbooks, and land. I am concerned when I think that the board might be controlled in any way by any department.. I am more concerned when I feel that changes to laws that effect everyone are not questioned. I am looking for representation as a regular guy, living in Harrison, that just wants a fair shake and proper progress.

The board allowed any car to be deemed as commercial by a police officer. Joan Walsh is just as guilty as the rest of the board for allowing a law to be put on the books that has tricky wording but actually says that the police can deem any car as commercial just by looking at it. That car can no longer park on the street even if there was just a hammer on the seat.

The Master Plan is a plan for developers. It has already been used as a reference to spur development at many meetings. Many people spent lots of time trying to get changes to protect open space, but no changes were made. People wanted to protect the water supply that we in Harrison use, and it was ignored. People wanted to remove the golf courses from the open space equation but it fell on deaf ears. We lost the Master Plan debate, and the argument was "it's only a plan". Now they are using it as a reason to develop excessively. Lets get a Master Plan that respects what we have left and not slate it for massive development.

Permit Parking The Town Board seemed ready to pass a law modification that would sell permits if you park on the street in a certain areas around the train station. After fighting the "paid and likely required" permit plan, the addition of 4hr parking signs and optional free permits seem to work. We'll have to be sure that more permits than spaces are not given out, and that a fee isn't added since it's a public street. You can read the Law to see the strict permit requirements.

The Town Board applies for a waiver to allow Mayor Belmont to get paid his pension as well as his salary Ron gets approx $297,000 per year.

Raising Fees each year residents are asked to pay fees for services that should probably be already paid by your tax dollars. Fees collected (or bilked) from the public are up by $2 million Dollars (from 7 to 9 Million). Some are young parents paying recreation fees, others are drivers paying exorbitant tickets, others are homeowners paying license and permit fees...

Operation Home Run was going to be very different if Steve didn't get involved. We think that the state was going to take it over within weeks of the proposed land deal and ultimate 1.2 Million dollar payment for the Junk yard. The original plan was for the present owner to build 5 two family houses for rental at the base of Veterans Park in exchange for the contaminated junk yard. People petitioned and $1.2 Mil. was paid by the town instead. Everything from changes to the FEMA map that perhaps helped certain people, to the $6 Mil price tag, to the dismay of neighbors down stream, the whole idea stinks.

First meeting of the year is very informative because certain positions and approvals must be done annually.

The Details in the Town Budget say a lot about the increase in spending. Please review the 2015 budget to really see where you tax dollars are being spent.

Local Laws are Big

September 3, 2015


As residents of Harrison, Decisions made at board meeting affect your life. We don't think that the laws are written carefully enough.

October 8, 2015

Master Plan

Read the master plan and you will see a developers dream and not much else. Our comments were never addressed, and the plan was adopted.

October 15, 2015

More Fees

The Town Board allows the town departments to charge and raise fees that we pay.