• Harrison Watchdog - Real Progress Twenty Antennas To Be Installed
    Lower Home Values

    * Service for the Hutch

    * Service for 287

    * Ugly Antennas for Us

    * Call Mayor Belmont

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  • Is This Progress ?
    Thousands of New Apartments

    + 6 Story Building in Movie Theater

    + 400 unit Apartment on Westchester Ave.

    + 170 Rm. Nursing Home on Lake street

    + 149 Unit Apartment in the MTA Project

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  • More Apartment Buildings?

    + Calvert Street Blanket Zoning 4 Story Apartments

    + 6 Story Buildings(3) at Emelio's Restaurant

    + 5 Story Apartments at Portchester Lumber

    + 5 Story Apt/Retail at Hair Salon on Halstead

    + 2 Story Apt/Retail Across From Post Office

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  • You Decide

    Land Sold on Sterling Ave. and Clinton Ln.

    Operation Home Run a Loss of Flood Control

    Duck Pond Needs Restoration to Be Nice

    On and On... 100 meetings later... On and On!

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  • Is This Progress ?
    Massive Taxpayer Debt

    Thousands of New Apartments

    Unchecked Department Spending

    Undemocratic Law and Code Changes

    Master Plan That Helps Developers

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Board and Mayor Approve 20 Antennas!

At the April 29th board meeting, The town approved bigger antennas on 20 telephones in Harrison off of Polly Park Road, Kenilworth Road, and at Newport Towers. Read the FOILED DOCUMENTS

We think this is another bad decision by the board and Mayor Belmont.. One that will ruin the look of our neighborhoods. We wonder why they need to do this?

To us, It's about real estate, land deals, and bonding with this board, and they are abusing the residents because they have a Bonding Addiction.

Our main hope is that everyone votes. We personally would like to see this type of activity stopped

This Site will hopefully show you what we know. It will affect the appearance of our town and our lives going forward.

Sample Ballot

Where do you vote?

Main Issues


Spend/Bond Wisely.

We pay $7 Million back in debt each year now. $2.5 Million in interest alone. $7 Million is %9 of our total town expenses of ~$79 Million.

That money could have been used for services instead.


Will we need to increase our Infrastructure?

Do you want over 1000 new apartments in Harrison ?

By law, kids have to be educated... we'll need more schools for starters. Services from garbage and sewers to education and ems are affected.


Review New Laws Carefully

Someone in the law department said on camera, "It's only a law". That is farthest from the truth. Laws are far reaching and long standing!