Selling of town land and spuring over-sized development in our neighborhoods should be frowned upon like other towns do. Is it a ruse that a town like Harrison, which is near Manhattan needs massive growth. Smart towns are fighting it thereby increasing property values and general quality of life.

The Planning board recently reviewed plans for a 170 room Nursing Home on Lake Street. Over 75 neighbors showed up and many issues were raised about it's impact on the area. We Propose that the developer as well as the neighbors were sold by a certain board member on the building site. Thanks to the neighborhoods concern, the Planning Board indicated that it was not favorable to the project. Maybe a smaller Senior Housing (not nursing home) would be OK with gabled roofs & such, but not a 170 unit structure.

400 Unit apartment complex on Westchester Avenue in the "tear drop" next to lifetime fitness and sloan ketering. not 40 units, not 100, not 180, but 400 units. Residents would step out their door onto 287. Residents would need a car for most everything.

149 units and 700 car parking garage in MTA project In the last 10 year our bonding has increased tremendously. At first glance, you may think that rates are low and bonding is OK but when you look deeper, you will find that the rates on these loans are variable, and the fees and interest really add up. Staying in the Governors tax cap is great, except if you borrow money on non essential items.

A Blanket Zone Change for Calvert Street for 4 story apartment buildings is being discussed by the Town Board. A meeting is set for November 18 to vote on this project, Many votes are setup after the election.

The owner want to make Emelios Restaurant was approved for 3 6 story buildings that are spread apart to the street so that only the residents will be able to use the little open space that is required by law.

The owner wants to make Halstead Avenue a 4-5 story retail/Apartment building.

The owner of the Movie theater wants it to be 40+ apartments/condos. A six story building is approved for this site. SIX STORIES.

The owner of the Portchester Lumber Site wants 6 story apartments there..

Project Home Run has presumably resulted in increased flooding in Rye and Downstream. The Original swamp was a natural flooding buffer. We believe that the State had condemned the junk yard and gave them 2 years to clean it up. Only weeks before the state would have taken it and cleaned it up , the Malfitano administration offered to swap a clean piece of land on Crystal Street. The owner wanted to put 5 duplex rental houses at the entrance of veterans park! The land was saved by people signing the permissive referendum petition, 1.2 Million was still paid to the Junkyard owner. We believe that the area should be left as a nature center and be expected to flood for the good of its neighbors. If we can't use it for the next 20 years, put a nice fence and let it clean itself up without more dirt dumped on it.

In 2004 The Malfitano Administration sold town land on Sterling Avenue and Clinton Lane. The little woods that made the neighborhood special. and the people downstream in the Brentwood will have to endure the added burden of two houses upstream (on this property).

The stream at the bottom of the steep slope feeds into the School Duck pond and beyond into Crystal Street and the Brentwood

Apartments Everywhere


No one wants downtown Harrison to look like it does. The condition of Halstead Avenue's road surface is a story alone. The builders seems to want 4 to 6 story apartments with retail on the ground floor. Our position is that 3 story should be max in the center of town. No town put a six story building in its center.

Lake Street

The quarry has been a sore spot and a thorn in the neighbors side for more then 10 years. The Town Board appears to want amnesty for the owner of the quarry and will review a deal for a 170 unit nursing home on what is now zoned for 1 house per acre.